Kunsthalle, Duesseldorf / Germany

I love to be back in my hometown Duesseldorf. It’s good to feel the cold and humid air Germany gives you during fall and winter. My school friend Oliwia and me were having museum for lunch today. Actually we had the Kunsthalle for lunch and a sandwich for late lunch.

Kunsthalle is probably one of the most experimental and emerging artist friendly art museums I have seen in Duesseldorf. Aside from big German names such as HANS-PETER FELDMAN and FERDINAND KRIWET, the museum seems to ambitiously providing the visitors with exhibit formats introducing emerging artists and offering the possibility of new artistic approach and development of inspirational discourse.

This time the museum is showcasing the special exhibit ‘Jewels in the Rheingold – Ten Years Rheingold Collection’. And I thought maybe there is no better way to say hello again to Duesseldorf than meeting with the Rhenish art scene. The showcased artists are mainly are students or teachers who show a affinity to the Duesseldorf Art Academy or have been active within the Rhenish art scene.

Impossible not to notice – Joseph Beuys. He and other artists like Mar­cel Broodtha­ers had their first major exhibitions at the same location. Also impossible not to notice – the well trained security staff. Something that I always notice about museum security staff in Germany that it makes me almost curious about what kind of special training they might do through. Overall the museum is bright, not to big and inviting.

Kunsthalle Duesseldorf facade.

Kunsthalle Duesseldorf facade.
Copyright by Natalie Park


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